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When contemplating how to best sell your real estate, we can provide a number of options. These include the following: 

Public Real Estate Auction:
This method provides pre-established terms and conditions for the entire transaction. A property may be sold “as is” and “where is”, has no seller negotiations (the sale price is determined during the auction process), often has no contingencies, can close quickly, and has no cap on the sales price. Often, properties sold at auction bring more than anticipated, as buyer excitement can result in a sale price exceeding expectations. 

Types of Real Estate Auctions: 

Reserve or Seller Confirmation Auction: If the seller and auction company decide that this is the best approach to selling the real estate, the Seller reserves the right to accept or reject the final bid price. This allows the seller to have the final say as to whether the real estate will sell. Typically, this is the auction method most often utilized by our clients. 

Absolute Auction: In this scenario, the seller is obligated to sell the real estate, for the highest bid tendered, once the auctioneer has begun soliciting bids. This method generates enhanced enthusiasm from buyers, as they understand that the property will sell regardless of price. 

Conventional Listing Method:
This method is one which sellers most often associate with selling real estate. Typically, the property will be listed in the local MLS and other online sources. This approach allows for nearly unlimited negotiating and terms to be agreed upon, thus allowing considerable flexibility.

Other Services: 

Public Auctions: This is a service our company can provide, which will assist in the liquidation of personal property. Our company has extensive experience with the sale of household furnishings, antiques, firearms, automobiles, tools, equipment, and other chattels. This method allows for a quick return and complete liquidation of the seller’s personal property. 

Real Estate and Personal Property Appraisals:
With our vast knowledge and experience from past sales, our company can
​provide reliable opinions of value on a multitude of items. Additionally, we have a licensed real estate appraiser who can complete appraisals in central and southeastern Ohio. Finally, our staff has a number of appraisers who are on the approved appraiser lists of the probate courts in most counties within central and southern Ohio.